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              Islamic Perspectives on the Social Sciences 

The "World’s Greatest Sociologist" Pitirim Sorokin (that is, btw, the title of a book by Prof. Carl C. Zimmerman) , has clearly shown that the “traditional” positivist/empiricist perspectives have created havoc, not only for the social sciences in themselves -- but for modern human societies in general!. Look everywhere around you, and see for yourself the extent of the calamitous conditions under which the World now lives. He described these ordeals, more than half a century ago, as if he was living among us today!!  Freeing ourselves from the shackles of that outmoded  positivist/empiricist paradigm is long overdue. It is our academic, "scientific" duty to seriously consider a real alternative to that mechanistic, materialistic philosphy underpinning that outmoded positivist/empiricist perspective. It is my firm conviction that  Sorokin’s "Integral Theory of Truth and Reality" which combines the truths of “Faith” (Super-Rational , Super Empirical) with those of “Reason” (Rational) along with those of the “Senses” (Empirico-Sensory) IS THE SOLUTION. But the challenge is: "how the integration of these SOURCES OF TRUTH could be systematically implemented? This, now, lies at the core of the whole project of salvation  of the social sciences, and possibly of the World !!. This Site is dedicated to just that noble TASK i.e.. an humble attempt at outlining the methodological issues of building this LONG overdue "New Paradigm of the Social Sciences".